Pennsylvania Business Owners Policy

Learn about a Pennsylvania Business Owners Policy so you can get the best deal. Pennsylvania Business Owners Policy Software assists PA Pennsylvania business owners to learn about the BOP coverages they purchase to protect their businesses. We believe

Oracle Policy Automation Connector for  v.10 2

Oracle Policy Automation is an innovative, scalable product family that is designed to fit well into your current and future enterprise architecture.


Change a policy face

Change a policy face. This fun game. You can change policy face.

Group Policy Health Cmdlet  v.1.0

PowerShell-based utility that lets you quickly and easily determine Group Policy processing health across computers within your environment.

Greylisting policy daemon for Postfix  v.0.2

Greylisting policy daemon for Postfix, written in Python, with SQL support

Mailscore Policy Daemon  v.1.0.1

Mailscore is a postfix policy daemon handling host and sender scores to avoid bots & abusing customers through your SMTP relays.

Open WS-Policy  v.0.01

Open WS-Policy,an Open Source Web Services Policy Framework implementation,is a set of open source Java libraries that implement the ws-policy specifications.

Policy Reporter  v.4. 1. 2013

It reformats the log provided in %systemRoot%DebugUserMode to give a more meaningful display. This latest version also displays the logs created when processing Preferences.

Password Policy Manager  v.

PPM tool is a simple tool that allows you to create new Password Security Object (PSO) and apply it to selected objects (users or groups). You can also use this tool to search, modify or delete any existing password settings object (PSO).

Life-insurance-policy-nichemodulator  v.1.00

Niche Modulator is a one time install, powerful, cgi script that enables you to generate on the fly headings, sub headings, site welcome messages,

PCE Client  v.10 2

Policy Central Enterprise™ is a highly innovative software solution that allows commercial, public sector and educational organisations to introduce, monitor and enforce their own tailored Acceptable Use Policy.

Specops Gpupdate  v.2.1.10127.21053

Remote Administration and Network Management. Specops Gpupdate is a FREE tool that makes your life as an administrator much easier by providing operations such as update of Group Policy Objects (gpupdate or secedit /refreshpolicy), remote restart,

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